If These 3 Things Don’t Make You Happy No Man Will

If These 3 Things Don’t Make You Happy No Man Will


Some women use relationships to fill a void in their life and they genionely believe being in a relationship would make them happy. False. As a rule, people like happy people. Men and women are attracted to happy people because they believe that they will feel better if they are around that type of person. Yes, a handful of men and women are drawn to depressive or antisocial types, but the majority of people are looking for someone with whom they can relax and feel great.

If these 3 things don’t make you happy I doubt any man would.


1. YOUR JOB: Overall, do you like your job enough, or are you unhappy or even miserable at work? Make no mistake: If you are unhappy or miserable, your work life is going to drag your mood down and that will show to your dates. If you don’t like your job, focus on looking for a new one, and wait until you have a better perspective about your job until you start a romantic relationship. So many relationships fail because someone is unhappy with their job, and this unhappiness bleeds into every part of life — including dating.


2. YOUR SOCIAL LIFE: Do you feel like you have enough friends? Do you feel like you have the full breadth of friendships? In other words, do you have some friends with whom you have fun, and others with whom you can relax? Do you feel like you enough excitement in your life? Do you feel like you have enough fun, or do you feel like you wish you had someone in your life who makes things more exciting? The best way to look for a romantic partner is to already have a range of friendships that fulfill you so that you don’t depend too much on a new romantic interest to fill existing emotional voids in your life.


3. YOUR EXTRA-CURRICULAR LIFE: Outside of work and your social life, are you keeping busy with interesting, stimulating activities? Do you have hobbies? Do you spend a few hours each weekend doing something that has nothing to do with making money? Do you create art? Are you an avid athlete or workout person? Do you belong to a book club, church group, or anything else? Happy people have hobbies, so make sure that you are investing in something that makes you feel good, connects you to others, and reminds you that life is not all about work. Make sure you put things on the calendar every month that make you feel stimulated and inspired. You should have a mix of activities to engage in: some of them may be things you’ve done for years, while others should be new, different experiences (day trips, restaurants, parks, and other places you have never been). Investing in some new experiences makes you feel inspired and refreshed, and the bounce you get from trying new things comes across to new dates and makes you seem happy and attractive.

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