5 Unusual Reasons Why Most Women Refuse To Report Se xual Assault

5 Unusual Reasons Why Most Women Refuse To Report Se xual Assault


When people think sexual assualt the first thing that comes to mind is rape, this isn’t totally correct. If you’re walking onthe road and a man calls you Ashewo and slaps your ass and maybe presses your boobs he’s sexually assaulted you. The sad thing is that most people don’t report sexual assult until it has gotten to the stage of rape and even some rape cases aren’t reported too.


1. THEY DON’T TRUST THE LEGAL SYSTEM: Many people are scared of the police for the wrong reason. I once heard a case where a married woman went to report to the police that her husband rapes her on the regular and the police paid her no attention because they believed once the man marries you he owns you. Don’t get me wrong i’ not saying all policemen are like that but that actually happened. There are other cases where women are raped and people ask them ‘what were you doing in his house’. These and many more other reasons are why people don’t trust the system


2. BECAUSE THEY’VE FACED SE XUAL COERCION BEFORE: Many young women face routine sexual pressure or coercion from their boyfriends and even from boys and men whom they do not know well. Young men who have managed to get close to a young woman may push for more, saying that everyone is doing it, that she has led him on, and that he has certain needs. A woman who has become accustomed to sexual coercion may see physically forced sex as a simple extension of this coercive behavior.


3. BECAUSE VIOLENCE HAS BECOME A NORMAL THING FOR THEM: One young woman described to her brother in a text that she had physically tried to break away from a celebrity but that he held her in a “death grip” and kept physically yanking her backward as she tried to walk away. She described herself as feeling “very weird” afterward but initially wrote that she did not think she had been assaulted. She was unable to break away and was forced to perform acts that she had refused. From pornography to music videos to Fifty Shades of Grey, popular culture glorifies sexual violence. Young women may have difficulty understanding the difference between consensual rough sex and sexual assault.


4. BECAUSE THEY WERE MANIPULATED THROUGH ROMANCE: Some men manipulate through romantic ideas of love, with a version of “If you really loved me, you would…” or “I love you so you should…” Exposed to a lifetime of stories about charming princes and Christian Grey, young women may succumb to sexual coercion packaged in a heart-shaped wrapper, like a poison candy. And then they feel bad about themselves and fail to recognize the ways in which they were manipulated.


5. BECAUSE SOME MEN FEEL A TAD BIT TOO ENTITLED: Whether due to inexperience or a sense of entitlement, some men pressure or force young women into sexual acts that are beyond their comfort zone — acts that the women have tried to refuse. Men who fear rejection often “take” rather than request sexual contact, regardless of the woman’s stated wishes. This phenomenon is so common that it even has a name: Post-refusal persistence. Others call it “rape.”

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